why me and Obi-Wan took a break…

Who’s a devoted TV show watcher?

I’m talking hard effin core.

You devour that shit like a fat kid eats cake.

Furthermore, I’m going to call on the radical ones here.

Who’s a dedicated STAR WARS show enthusiast?

Then it won’t come as a surprise to you that I’m about to ask your opinion on the latest Jedi fanboy show…

Obi-Wan Kenobi

It seems to have mixed reviews, and despite the original actors signing on for six episodes, fans aren’t overly thrilled.

It was because of those reasons that I decided to give it a peek and, as a result, got into several ongoing debates with my best friend (We’ll call him Candy for lack of a better name).

Now I know what you’re thinking here…

Liz, “Cmon couldn’t you have picked a better name for a dude?”

And the answer is … “Probably so, but Candy is good enough.”

Candy is a fairly good representation of the opposite of what he is.

A self-assured, powerful, and confident alpha male.

And that man’s man is obsessed with the fact that he believes Obi-Wan has gone SOFT.

Now trust me when I say that Candy didn’t use the word soft, well he used something NSFW.

Soft just sounds nice and cute… sort of like a marshmallow.

Now my argument was that I don’t believe Obi-Wan was soft, I just thought he was rusty, and let’s face it much, much, older.

Being the alpha male that Candy is…

Well, he just isn’t buying that crap. He thinks Obi-Wan is soft.

If you’re wondering just WTF does this have to do with why I took a break?

In a minute I think you’ll get where I’m going with this.

Obi-Wan just got led down the true dark path.

Not the one that Anakin was led down. Even though he’s evil now if we look at where he is…

Anakin’s kept himself hustling as he’s built quite an effin empire for himself.

But Obi-Wan well was led down a much darker path.

That’s the path of just becoming complacent and not wanting to be doing much about it.

I mean he works in a meat factory for crying out loud.

That’s the same path I’ve been on.

And in many regards maybe it was just the path of wanting a vacation albeit an extended one.

However, here’s the good news and a point that Candy and I disagree on.

I truly believe that we will see some overdue heroics from Obi-Wan before the end of the season.

And we’ll see that softness melt away only to reveal the razor-sharp, sith-slicing greatest Jedi that ever lived.

You might agree or disagree and to be honest, it’s out of our control.

It’s already been written, so we just have to sit back wait, and enjoy.

Me on the other hand…

Well, I’m back and ready to fire my blaster away.

So even though this is somewhat of an announcement… it’s also a warning.

You can immediately unsubscribe or just relax and enjoy the show.

I’m about to take you on a ride that is far beyond the boundaries of this galaxy and tell you about what I’ve been working on lately.

I think it will be both entertaining and inspiring.

And well, you’ll get to see if I can melt this marshmallow layer off.

Let’s get ready for the hyper-speed blast-off.

Hurricane Liz

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